Monday, June 22, 2009

Davis County Clipper...

The Davis County Clipper has been generous enough to donate some ad space to us!! If you still live in Utah be sure to check it out!! The paper runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays!
A BIG thanks
goes out to the Davis County Clipper for helping us spread the word about our reunion!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome Back Knights!!

Due to concerns about the previous price of the reunion tickets, we have decided to scale back to ensure that everyone will be able to attend.

The new schedule of events are as follow:


Family Day at the Park

Location: TBA
Time: 11:00-1:00 p.m.

A Knight from the Past

Location: Davis Conference Center
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Dress: Semi-formal

Hope to see everyone there!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Missing Knights...

Hey everyone! We are getting so close to reunion time and we are still missing so many of our fellow graduates!! We need your help!! Please look over this LONG list of people and if there is anyone on the list you still keep in touch with please help us get their information (email address, phone number, address, spouse name, new name!!) If you only have part of that information we will take it, anything will help!! If you are "friends" with them on facebook or myspace invite them to our group! Please email us with that information as soon as you can:
This is us begging and pleading for help from all of you... PLEASE help us make this reunion a success!!
Paige Alexander
Christopher Arnold
Arnold Bachman
D’Nache Barrett
DW Barton
Jennifer Bennett
Jeremiah Bills
Nicholes Bitter
Joshua Black
James Bohn
Cristina Bravo
Casey Brimhall
Sam Buchta
Roseanne Bumanlag
Andrea Bunnell
Katie Cannon
Jessica Cantey
Dallas Capson
Jennifer Carpenter
Cara Champneys
Angie Chatlin
Amy Checketts
Andrea Chu
Katy Corsi
Michael Crabb
Kyria Crawford
Carmen Daniels
Aundrea Dixon
Brandon Evans
Yvonne Farani
Alexander Farriell
Brian Fella
Syretta Ford
Jeremiah Fox
Kari Fresques
Jordan Frew
Mike Frost
Zach Gibby
Natalie Gibson
Stewart Girres
Kevin Gorder
Shanna Gordon
Amy Gould
Andy Gray
Christian Greene
Brook Greer
Chris Griffin
Sarah Guenther
Miguel Guitierrez
Kim Hamblin
Michael Hamilton
Emilee Hammond
Cassie Hansen
Lisa Hansen
Jody Harrop
Emily Hedges
Malene Hellesde
David Henry
Dustin Hess
Forrest Hicks
Chris Houchins
Teneya Hyde
Cody Izatt
Cameron Jackson
Jennifer Jenkins
Breinan Jensen
Taylor Jensen
Brandi Johnson
Kelli Johnson
Donald Johnson
Amanda Jorgensen
Kerry Keane
Stephanie Keith
Malia Kekuewa
Joshua Kersey
Cody King
Noriki Kise
Christopher Kozerski
Portia Kunz
Samual Larsen
Kyle Law
Heidi Leavitt
Brett Lee
Gavin Littleboy
Stacy Lockheart
Meresa Lucas
Steven Lybbert
Guy Malloy
Joshua Marcusen
Heather Marlowe
Jesica Martin
William Martin
David Martin
Darin Martinez
Tausha Martinez
Ryan Marvel
John McBride
Larissa McClure
Kenny McWilliams
Melanie Miera
Ryan Mills
Erica Moreno
Tye Mote
Christopher Mullen
Chris Newsom
Tanja Nicolas
Timothy Nielsen
Robert Nixon
Ryan Norton
Michelle Nunez
Stephanie Olesko
Kevin O’Riordan
David Palmer
Steven Palmer
Ellis Parks
Armando Perez
Justin Perry
Stacie Michelle Pettit
Tonia Pettit
Joseph Pince
Zach Pitcher
Antony Plowman
Josh Poll
Blake Ragocos
Milly Reed
Lauren Reimen
Jeremy Romrell
Hanna Rosine
Darrin Rubens
Jason Ruby
Joshua Schonenberg
Tyson Seal
Ryan Segeberg
Brett Sharkley
Jeffrey Shimkus
Chris Silvester
Mike Smith
Marc Smith
Brian Stambler
Lucas Steinberg
Jonathon Stokes
Aaron Story
Chamylee T’eo
Laura Thackeray
Tyler Thompson
Kimberlee Thorton
Richard Umpleby
Joshua Underwood
Quentin Ryan Unsworth
Beejan Vakilian
Tammy VanEtten
Jason VanTrease
Daniel Villasenor
Adam Wall
Daniel Wells
David Westover
Jennifer Weyburn
Colin Wheeler
John White
Mistie White
Jedediah Whitlock
Matthew Wiggill
Zackary Wilcox
Heather Williams
Julian Williams
Glen Wilson
Shawn Witherby
Belinda Woods
Joshua Wriedt
Nathaniel Wright
Wendy Wright
Casey Young
Andrew Zimmerman
Thanks for all your help!